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One foundational example of how we can help create a better environment for better capture  is illustrated through our www.ORFonline.net concept. An ORF is an Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility that is Medicare certified to perform Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and or Speech Therapy.  As an ORF or Rehabilitation Agency, the facility has Provider status with Medicare. Embracing Medicare offers many advantages with leverage, privilege and prestige.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility Online, developed as part of Integrated Medicare Consulting Group, is a union of more than 75 years of experience advising healthcare professionals. Our doctors and healthcare administrators have assisted in the creation of many outpatient facilities and offer that experience to you.

We offer comprehensive and complete facilitation and assistance with every aspect of the Medicare certification process for one or more of your facilities to become an Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility. Our streamlined approach efficiently and effectively progresses a certification process that often seems complex, convoluted and time consuming. We empower you with the ability to be as involved and interactive as you choose while insuring a smooth, successful completion of the goals originally set.

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