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CQI  Spinal Rehabilitation
Offering External Non-surgical Disk Decompression (ENDD) Technologies and Systems

As the optimal environment is being created within your practice we target key specialty areas which will flourish within your particular capture model. One of these areas we define as External Non-surgical Disk Decompression (ENDD).  ENDD represents innovative technologies and systems which offer an integrative automated centerpiece of a consistently effective noninvasive, nonsurgical spinal rehabilitation protocol for patients who experience the gamut of lumbar and cervical pain and are looking for a low risk and high success alternative to their problems. Our Medical Group allows our Consortium an expanded offering of the best engineered and progressively upgradeable base-to-pinnacle modularized technologies and systems of implementation on the market today. This digital automation fits in nicely with our passive revenue model by offering reproducible results and revenue.
Amazing results at the level of L3-4 with Decompression