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Quality HealthCare: A Practice Revenue Opportunity for Physicians  

CrownQuest, Inc. (CQI) and our Management and Marketing Group offer a physician directed approach to assist in developing a practice infrastructure to provide ancillary care services, with a particular focus on physical therapy.  Our management group has developed a clinical and business model that is compliant with Federal and State regulations to create a structure whereby practices and clinics can provide physical and occupational therapy services as part of their practice and bring such services under their clinical decision making authority, control and supervision to ensure continuity and quality of care, patient compliance and better outcomes. This structure allows the physicians to provide such services within full compliance of Stark Law and other regulatory guidelines and capture a revenue source that had previously been enjoyed by outside providers of ancillary services.

With the ever-increasing demand to lower healthcare costs, physicians have borne the major impact of fee reductions over the past decade. The services program through CQI and the management group provides an opportunity for physicians to gain control over their patients’ continuum of care and retain income within the practice that would otherwise be captured by outside providers.